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Clear Waters Financial Network offers comprehensive financial planning and investment management services.  We do not accept commissions and do not "sell" any products.  If there are services you need that we do not provide, we will assist you in finding a professional to provide those services or work with one you have identified.  Together we can create an integrated portfolio of products and investments to help you reach your goals.

Financial Planning

At Clear Waters Financial Network we don't send you home with complex forms to fill out.  We will ask you to bring a few key financial documents with you to your meeting.  Then we will sit down with state-of-the-art financial planning software and input the needed information together.  While we do this we will discuss your goals.  That's all there is to it.


Your advisor will then develop your financial plan or plans based on the conversation.  At the next meeting you and your advisor will review and adjust the plans.  We can even run what-if scenarios for you.  The plan will serve as the framework for your financial decisions and a gauge for your progress towards your goals

The goal of investment management is twofold: (1) to make sure your financial goals and investment returns are aligned and (2) to make sure your risk level is appropriate so you don't have to worry about your investments.


Your risk level will be ascertained via both a risk questionnaire and conversations about how you would feel if your investments went up or down by certain amounts.  The next step is to select a portfolio allocation that matches your risk tolerance. 

We understand that our clients have certain investments that they do not wish to invest in.  Therefore, we will go through the portfolio with you to make sure you are comfortable with each investment and adjust accordingly.  Your personalized portfolio will be monitored daily and adjusted quarterly or as needed to assure it continues to be aligned with your financial plan and risk tolerance.

Your Investments

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