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Our clients do not fit into any one category of needs or desires.  Some clients come to Clear Waters Financial Network because they haven't done any planning and would like to work with a planner to develop a comprehensive financial plan that includes planning for cash flow, retirement, vacations, education, insurance, taxes, gifting, and estate planning.  Others have a plan and would like to update it and make sure they are on the correct path to reach their desired destination.  Others would like help with budgeting so that they can begin to save for emergencies and future needs. 


Some of our clients have had the opportunity to save substantial assets that they employ us to manage while others are just getting started or need help getting started building their assets.  Business owners often have their wealth in their business and need to develop a succession plan for their business and determine how their business can support them into retirement.   Investment management is best conducted within the context of a financial plan.

All of our clients were looking for a planner that would take the time to get to know their needs and listen to what they wanted for the future and what approaches they were comfortable with.  Your financial GPS can allow you to develop your path to reach your destination.  Clear Waters Financial Network is here to help you develop your financial plan and adjust your plan and investment portfolio so that you are confident in the path you are on. 


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