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Our country has a wealth of natural environments that are enjoyed by us for a diversity of activities including hiking, fishing, bicycling, camping, hunting and fishing.  The Western Slope of Colorado is especially rich in its natural treasures and what it has to offer its residents and visitors.  While our personal wealth provides us with security and the ability to pursue our passions, a viable community provides us with a rich environment in which to enjoy these activities. 


To help sustain a vibrant community for the Western Slope of Colorado, Clear Waters Financial Planning LLC donates a portion of after-tax profits to local non-profit groups that share this goal.   The Firm has a list of non-profits that it considers consistent with these goals and works with their clients to determine the donation amounts that go to each group.  Clients can also request to have additional non-profits added to the list of recipients.  In this way, Clear Waters Financial Network and its clients can work together to help our community.  Donations come solely from The Firm and do not increase the fees charged to clients.  

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